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Step by step

1 Handing out wrist bands

Handing out wrist bands can be done multiple places in the user chain. Our suggestion is in reception, or even better; by the instructor when the user gets the rest of his or hers gear. Depending on what type of wrist band you have, they might need help attaching it properly. Pro tip! Think ahead when deciding what hand to use.

2 Quick scan before the activity begins

The scanner should be placed so that it is easy accessible for the user when they begin their activity. The scan takes just a few hundreds of a second and it can read through suits, clothes etc.

The range is up to 5cm. Depending on what RFID reader you have. We support both USB and bluetooth readers.

3 View video and photos

When the user is done with their activity they should get over to the Video Station(s). Camera Vision supports an unlimited amount of these. Expect each user to spend about 2 minutes here.

This is a computer, tablet or any other device that has a web browser and supports USB keyboard. The user has just two steps to see their media. First scan their wrist band, second type in their email, or use their phone to scan the QR code. Then they get access to their video and photos. Photos are watermarked and the video is a short preview.

This is to prevent each user taking up too much time at the video station, and to prevent them taking pictures of the screen with their phones. They will immediately receive an email confirming their registration. A few minutes later when the media has been processed they will receive another email containing the link to their media files.

4 Buying the media package

When the user have finished watching his or her video and photos on the video station surly they want to get their hands on this to show friends and family. There are two ways of doing this, reception or online.

The receptionist simply has to open the reception webpage and the user scans their wrist band. From here the receptionist can add, delete or update the user email address and/or mark the media package “sold”. Camera Vision will then give the user full access to their video and pictures without watermark. The user can find this media following the link they get via email when they enter their email address at the video station.

5 VMH Online Media Portal

Our online media portal gives direct access to their content on their favorite device from anywhere in the world.


Security and privacy is at the top of our priorities. Content is protected with sha256 encryption.


This is a website accessible from all over the world and it contains the video and photos of everyone

Point of sale

If the media package was bought onsite the user will get full access. If not they can buy the media package online