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Camera Vision is fully automated. Record, edit, distribute and sell without spending any time doing it. Like magic


Camera Vision is free to use. You only pay for what you sell to your customers.


Camera Vision is a stand alone system. There is no complicated integrations needed.


Camera Vision is developed by flyers for flyers.

As former wind tunnel instructors we know your needs and got you covered.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Since switching to Camera Vision we have increased video and photo sales by 20%. And at the same time cutting costs.

Stian Overå

CEO VossVind

Turn it on in the morning, and then focus on driving and the customer experience. Easier for the instructor and better experience for the customer. The system is a win for everyone.

Barton Hardie

Chief instructor VossVind

Camera Vision is genius in the way it allows me to fully consentrate on operating the tunnel on driver-duty. It also helps me keep track of the time each customer has flown and how many rotations they have left so I can make sure business is banging at top efficiency. CV also gives our pro flyers easy access to their videos in their own personal folder instantly after flight. I do less, customers get more, win-win.

Eirik Flyversen Syversen

Instructor VossVind

Camera Vision works great! It is super easy to keep track of flight times.

John Erlend

Instructor VossVind


This is Camera Vision

CV is a fully automated photo and video handling system for action sports. It supports multiple cameras, first timers and professionals. Give the customer a personal video, featuring all of his or her activities complete with the arenas intro, outro and choice of music. Delivered to the customer by e-mail upon payment at the arena or later through our online portal.


Use any type of camera with Camera Vision. DSLR, Analog or IP we can use them all.


Everything gets uploaded to our online media portal. So your customers can view  and download their media from anywhere.


Camera Vision is entierly based on web interfaces. If your device has a web browser, you can use it.


Camera Vision is free to use. You pay only for what you actually sell to your customers.





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